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Why do I need a paid proxy?

There are many sites offering free proxy lists from different countries, from which you can use. The problem begins when you start to use them regularly. It turns out that many of them suddenly stops working or not working as it should. There will limit or some web pages are displayed incorrectly or not at all displayed. You have to still look for new IP addresses and change them in settings of your proxy client program. There is also a danger that the owners of these open proxy monitor your information, entered passwords, etc. Because these addresses are public, many people using from them, which contributes to often blocking connects, and various failures.

Therefore, in order to fully benefit from a good proxy server, you must choose a proxy service provider who has paid a safe and reliable solution. Only authorized users have access to such a proxy, so all paid proxy servers are fast, safe and reliable.

If you want to:

  • greatly accelerate the speed of loading web pages, especially with the busy or remote servers
  • protect your identity - by using a proxy server hide your real IP address
  • circumvent regional security and many others.

read more about our proxy here and take advantage of our offer by signing up!


I want to thank you for the good and cheap solution to the proxy. I have used several and this is by far the best offer! mr.mackie

Very thank you for your service is very helpful to me. Fred111

I am happy to found such a cheap service that is sufficient for my needs. anna.z

Thank you for your prompt and good service and support, I will be recommending your proxy. Carlos

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