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How work proxy?

Proxy is a software or server with appropriate software, which establishes a network connection to the Internet on your behalf. User instructs an intermediary (proxy server) tasks such as access to web sites, downloading files or other web resources using a web browser or other software (eg FTP), which implements a proxy for him.

The advantages of using a proxy server:

  • much less time waiting to load a web page (since it is located close to pull the server on the network, which usually uses a fast high-bandwidth connections)
  • proxy server has better links than the direct use of the target server
  • reducing the flow of data on long distances (weaker relieve Internet links)
  • anonymity - hide your IP address for example in order to circumvent the restrictions (filters, interlocks) imposed by the other side of the transmission on the Internet or to bypass regional restrictions and other safeguards
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To use a proxy server, you must configure your browser accordingly. Configure your browser to use the proxy server is very simple, requires us to give an IP address and PORT number of proxy server. How to configure your browser to use proxy, you will learn by becoming a user of our site and logging into the user panel in the "Proxy Settings".

There are three types of proxy servers:

  • high anonymous (elite) - connecting to the server through this type of intermediary, not sending any information about yourself, and hide the fact that we use a proxy server
  • anonymous - the server sends information to the server that we are using proxy server, but our IP is hidden
  • transparent - reveals your IP address, the only advantage is the faster loading of Web pages

Our proxy, access to which you can purchase after registering on our website, is a high anonymous proxy.


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