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How long does it take to access the proxy server after activate account?

Your account should be active within minutes after payment. If for some reason your account has not been activated, please contact us.

How fast is your proxy?

Speed depends on the location from which you are connecting to our proxy, usually the speed of loading pages is better or comparable to the normal connection.

Do you have a data transfer limit?

No. At this time we do not limit the use of our proxy any transfer limits. Possible that this may change in the future.

How can I pay for the service

At this time, payments can be made only through PayPal systems. To use our services, you therefore have a PayPal account and be a verified user of PayPal.

What is a proxy authentication?

To control access to our proxy only for users who have purchased access, you will be prompted to log in before you use it. After you configure your browser to connect through, at the first attempt to enter the web page displays the login window. When you log on - use the username and password, which are the same as to your user control panel on the site - access will be unlocked and you can use the connection through a proxy until the browser is closed.

What are the login and password to authenticate a proxy?

The same as the username and password to the user panel on the

What is a shared-proxy?

Shared-proxy is a type of proxy service, which share an IP address with other users. This means that other users with will be visible on the network at the same IP address as you.

How do I configure my browser to use a proxy?

All the technical information about how to configure your browser, you will get when you log into your account on our website in the "Proxy Configuration / Support".

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