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Our proxy is a high-anonymous (elite) proxy. Servers are located in Europe, in Poland. Our proxy is a shared-proxy, which means that you share an IP address with other users. At this time, users do not assign a separate IP address, but we plan in future to provide such an option. Configuration of our servers provides you with complete safety - your real IP address is completely hidden. connecting to Internet resources does not present itself as a proxy server - the network are recognized as a normal user with their IP and not using a proxy. We provide complete stability and connection speed. Read more about what we can give you a proxy server in the "Why do I need a proxy?".

To ensure a high standard of service, we charge a small fee for temporary access to our servers. service stands out in the market for a very low price for their services, which is incomparably smaller than the number of deals to be found on the Internet. choosing and deciding on this small fee, you gain confidence, reliability and security, because we care about our connections and respond to any problems to date. You also get technical support and help in resolving potential problems.

You are welcome to use our services.

Advantages of our proxy:

  • do not add to display pages any ads
  • provide access to all files on the Internet - no restrictions on any types of files
  • no configuration required - just specify the IP and PORT in your web browser and everything is ready
  • free technical support
  • 100% compatibility - work with all browsers and programs that support the proxy
  • guaranteed access - Your proxy is always available as soon after purchase
  • low price

Our offer:

proxy type location price
high-anonymus, shared IP POLAND $ 2,5 per 30 days BUY NOW

I want to thank you for the good and cheap solution to the proxy. I have used several and this is by far the best offer! mr.mackie

Very thank you for your service is very helpful to me. Fred111

I am happy to found such a cheap service that is sufficient for my needs. anna.z

Thank you for your prompt and good service and support, I will be recommending your proxy. Carlos

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